Flowing Wisdom

Godding is active, flowing, loving energy.  Godding can be described as a conversing process among creating, connecting and consecrating forces.  Grant Soosalu et al suggested that when the multiple brains that are within us are coherent, that wisdom flows through us.  We might equate that wisdoming flow with the Godding flow as loving energy flows through us.   When we are in the flow, we are connected to the Godding reality, sharing in the creating energy, experiencing the connecting power and feeling the consecrating force of that loving flow. 

When we are coherently experiencing that flow, then we are in tune with our Humaning nature.  The word “sin,” often used inappropriately, actually is an archery term which means “to miss the mark.” To be incoherent, to have our various components out of “synch,” would probably guarantee that we would miss the mark because the various components would be conflicting with each other and sabotage any goal-directed behaviors.

One of the multi-brain components which seems under-stated in the mBraining literature is passion.  There is discussion about pelvic-brain and head-brain being co-creative.  I feel that this concept might be elaborated by stressing the rational aspects of the head-brain and the passion of the pelvic brain.  It seems to me that the excitement, arousal and energy that seems fostered by a new idea is driven by the fact that there is resonance between the head and pelvic brains that gets its energy from pelvic passion.  If heart-brain will join in valuing the idea and if gut-brain will have the courage to pursue the concept, then we have whole-body resonance usually called coherence and the person is free and empowered to act on and proclaim this new truth. At this point the flow of wisdoming and Godding is experienced.

This flow and the disruption of it was foreshadowed by the ancient chakra system which described a flow of energy up from the root (#1) chakra up to the crown (#7) chakra.  This flow could be blocked by any chakra that was closed to it or resisted it. 

Luigi Fantappiè stated that in the law of syntropy he could see the law of love: “Today we see printed in the great book of nature – that Galileo said, is written in mathematical characters – the same law of love that is found in the sacred texts of major religions.” 1

“. . . the reduction of entropy is achieved through a continuous tension towards optimization, whereas . . .  the increase in syntropy is obtained thanks to the process of intuition, which is a property of the superconscious mind and leads to innovation.” 2 The superconscious mind to which this author refers could be equated the wisdom/Godding flow through the coherent Humaning system.

The concept of syntropy includes the rather startling idea of retrospective causation—which would indicate that current events are a consequence of the future.  If flowing Godding/Wisdoming, is a syntropic reality, then it suggests that when we are in a congruent state, the loving gifts of Godding are bestowed upon us.  We might well experience these gifts as intuitive realizations.

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