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I have added another website which you can find at The principle reason for doing this is to provide a way to share longer essays about a variety of theological and philosophical topics. I find the title “guru” to be intriguing. Here is a quotation from Lawrence Edwards: “The word guru points to the idea that a teacher is one who leads a seeker from the darkness of ignorance to the light of wisdom. The first syllable, gu, means “darkness”; the second syllable, ru, means “light.” Just as there are different forms of darkness and ignorance and different levels of light and wisdom, so too there are different types and levels of gurus and teachers.” [from his book Awakening Kundalini, page 168]

I don’t suppose that I’m a font of all wisdom, but I would like to be a teacher or spiritual director who helps people move out of darkness and into light. Here is a poem by Alice Smith which really seems to fit me and perhaps it will fit you too:

I don’t want

all the answers

for what if the answers

are wrong?

I want to be filled

with questions

that blaze the trail to somewhere

and pave the way to wonder.

Let me dabble and doubt

and wander about.

Please keep me off

the cul-de-sac of certainty,

and point the way

to mystery lane

that never ever ends.

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