Our Portal Nature

What if each of us as a person is the vortex of a swirling of Godding energy that thereby creates a portal in the universe through which loving flows into the world?  Christian scriptures talk about Godding as the Word—or perhaps we should say, “the speaking.”  While it is not exactly an accurate translation, we are on solid ground if we render quotation as, “Godding is Loving manifesting.”  This clump of stardust that we know as ourselves (physically we are about 97% stardust) is being enlivened by the Godding energy all around us. Another Christian scripture says: “. . . love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.” We are invited to be doorways or portals through which loving flows into the world.

The portal is a passage, not a destination.  Our portal nature exists to facilitate the flow of Godding energy into and among the Humanings.  Each of us is a vortex of a swirling of Godding energy that creates a portal in the universe through which loving may flow into the world.

There are physicists that are telling us that the fundamental ontological reality is consciousness.  It is said that consciousness, like energy, can neither be created or destroyed.  Humankind for centuries, in multiple cultures and religions, has labeled this consciousness as God (or my preference “Godding”).  This suggests that our portal nature makes human beings conscious of the consciousness we call Godding.  We are physically, psychologically and spiritually immersed in Godding.  This energy is around us and within us.  To own our portal nature is to become spiritually self-conscious.  When we own and allow the flowing of Godding consciousness through ourselves into the world, we make manifest to others the loving nature of reality.  Many Christian theologies talk about God becoming incarnate in the person of Jesus.  However, this is not the whole story about incarnation because Godding becomes incarnate through all of us when we acknowledge and even celebrate our portal nature.

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